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Who is Belfast waitress Sarah Adair who tucked Marcus Rashford to bed after drinking spree?

Marcus Rashford and Sarah Adair

A Belfast waitress Sarah Adair, recently revealed inside details of how Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford got drunk in the Northern Irish capital.

Adair who was invited by Marcus Rashford to tag along and drink with him, said he was clearly ‘on a mission’ to get drunk.

What happened to Rashford?

The England striker reportedly drunk so much that he collapsed into bed, several hours before calling Manchester United to report he was sick.

Marcus Rashford


According to the waitress, Rashford went on a 12-hour tequila drinking spree in Belfast on Saturday and then passed out afterwards, after hanging out with two other women and the waitress Sarah Adair, who he had invited to join them.

Sarah Adair narrates incident

Sarah Adair, 30, revealed that she had served Marcus Rashford lunch before he invited her to party with him.

Sarah Adair

(Credits: @adairsarah93/X)

In her words:

“I’m not surprised he missed training the next day given how late he got to bed and how much he’d had to drink. He must’ve known he wasn’t going to be in any fit state to play football. He was with two men and two women.

One was clearly a friend and the other girl was French and very beautiful. She seemed to be with Marcus because of how they interacted.

She was touching his knee and he was touching her arm, but you could tell from the conversation they didn’t know each other that well. It was like he’d just met her.”

The waitress also disclosed that because of how drunk the Manchester United striker was after his late night drinking spree, she had to put him to bed after he passed out.

Peter Okereke

Peter Okereke is a hardcore soccer fan and grew his passion for the beautiful game since watching Didier Drogba score the winning goal at Wembley in the 2007 FA Cup final for Chelsea against Manchester United.
He is the founder of The Soccer Report and has 4+ years of industry experience, having been writing about football since August 2019.

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